Tennis Coaching Renewals & Enrolments

We hope that your child has enjoyed this term of coaching. If your child needs to move groups their coach will speak to you during the last week of the term. If you do have any questions please do speak to the coach at the end of the session, we currently have spaces in midweek and weekend squads if your child would like to play more than once per week, Carl will advise which squad is most suitable.

Term Dates:

Winter Term

Starts Saturday 02nd September - Ends Friday 22nd December
excluding Monday 23rd – Sunday 29th October

Spring Term

Starts Dates - Ends Dates
excluding Dates – Dates

Summer Term

Starts Dates - Ends Dates
excluding Dates – Dates

September 2019 Term Enrolment

Courses start back week beginning 2nd September for all groups. Please ensure you read and understand our Terms & Conditions below.

Please find below the enrolment for next term,

General MTA Maidstone renewal form

General MTA Bearsted renewal form

To download Renewal/Enrolment forms right-click link and select 'Save target as' to save to your computer.

Files available to download in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view.
Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

PLEASE NOTE: All children who join the MTA Performance Programme are also required to join Freedom Fitness, please enquire with Freedom Fitness for current prices.

Tennis Renewals Terms & Conditions

Please Read:

  • I undertake to inform a member of Maidstone Tennis Academy staff of any changes in the information I have provided.
  • I hereby agree that in the event of my child being returned early from an activity, or any costs incurred as a result of my child’s behaviour, I will be liable to reimburse Maidstone Tennis Academy in full.
  • I understand that in the event of an injury or illness all reasonable steps will be taken to contact me, and to deal with injury/illness appropriately.
  • I give consent for my child to take part in all Maidstone Tennis Academy activities and having received and read any information provided, agree to their full and active participation.
  • I acknowledge the need for obedience and responsible behaviour on their part.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, Maidstone Tennis Academy reserves the right to change any details at short notice.
  • Tennis Coaching and Camp fees cover the indicated sessions.
  • No refunds for coaching sessions or activities not attended will be given, unless for medical reasons and accompanied by a medical certificate.
  • If a session or activity is cancelled due to weather or other factors outside Maidstone Tennis Academy control, Maidstone Tennis Academy we will endeavour to make up for these sessions at a later date, but cannot guarantee availability.
  • By paying a deposit or in full for your coaching sessions you are entering into a contract to pay and play for a term in full.
  • No refunds are given on unattended squads.
  • One full terms notice is required if your child is leaving a squad he or she has been attending.

For full MTA Terms & Conditions please visit our T&Cs page