Maidstone Tennis Academy Hall of Fame

Playing the game isn't all about winning, but here are a few of our winners!!

All players previously coached at club

“Judge your Success by what you had to give up in order to get it!”
- Dalai Lama

Mayen Immink -
Represented GREAT BRITAIN U/12 U/14 U/16

Miles Kasiri -
Ranked Top 3 in Country throughout junior career
Top Ranking Top 25 in the Seniors

Stephen Evans -
Ranked Top 3 in the WORLD as an U/18 Junior in Wheel-Chair tennis

Chris Doerr -
U/10 and U/18 County Champion
Represented GREAT BRITAIN U/14’s V Russia

Chantelle Malyon -
U/16 County Champion
Reached Nationals last 32

Zane Cheeseman -
Winner U/18 County Closed
County Cup Player

Catherine Birch -
U/18 County Champion
U/18 County Cup Player

Karen Thomas -
U/18 County Cup Player
Doubles and Mixed Doubles County Champion.

Pippa Todd -
U/18 County Cup Player
Voted most improved player in County

Alison Pritchard -
U/18 County Cup Player, plus U/18 Doubles and Mixed Champion

Stephen Weatherall -
Competed in Nationals
U/18 County Cup Player

Annabell Merrison -
U/14 and U/16 Sussex County Champion

Olivia Lumley -
U/10 and U/12 County Champion

Catherine Grange - U/12 County Champion

Philip Robinson -
U/14 County Champion
Reached last 32 of Nationals U/14
Voted most improved in County

Robin Hagen -
U/18 County Cup Player
Now Full Time Player


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Alex Miotto -
U/18 County Cup Player
Now Full Time Player

Shane Conroy -
Gained scholarship to American Tennis University
Voted most improved player in County

Katie Horne -
U/18 County Champion and Ladies County Cup Player

Edward Horne -
U/18 County Cup Player
– Scholarship to American University

Charlotte Horne -
U/14 County Finalist
U/18 County Cup Player

Ben Holmes -
U/18 County Cup Player – Bath University

Jack Bishop -
U/18 County Cup Player

Dan Creasey -
U/21 County Doubles Finalist
Bournemouth University
Coach at West Hants High Performance Club

Brendan Eastering -
U/12 County Champion
U/21 County Champion
Loughborough University

Daniel Betts -
U/18 County Player